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Wildlife RemovalWildlife is sure fascinating but only when we see it from a distance. This is because the closer they get, the more you are going to realize how troublesome they can be. Wildlife removal is something that has been a challenge in Woodland Hills and many other areas in CA. Moreover, this has been happing for years leaving homeowners feeling frustrated and exhausted.

Lucky for you, Rodent Control Woodland Hills  is here now to help you out. We are a team of wildlife control and removal specialists who have enough experience in pest control.  Moreover, we carry out effective wildlife removal services in your home or commercial establishment.

The most commonly found rodents in Woodland Hills homes are mice, rats, and raccoons. But apart from them, many homeowners complain and are looking for opossums, bats, and other bird removal services too. Our extensive range of wildlife removal services in the city of Woodland Hills comprehensively covers exclusion services for all these critters.

Hiding away in the deepest corners and finding easy escapes from your traps comes naturally to these animals since they have been doing this all their lives. So you cannot just expect to win against them on your own.

This is the prime reason you need us. What our Woodland Hills rodent experts bring to the table is a well-tested technique and the use of proper tools to ensure that the issue is taken care of once and for all. There are probably countless creatures roaming around your Woodland Hills home looking to find a way in. You get two out, 4 might get in. So we will not only get the existing ones out but also make certain others can’t find shelter at your place again. How we are going to do that? Go through our step-wise wildlife removal guide below to find out.


Our Wildlife Removal Services Procedure

Wildlife RemovalThe moment you call us for bat, bird, or mice removal service, you can sit back and relax. We will take all the burden off your shoulders and will get to work immediately. Rodent Control Woodland Hills is a team of dedicated workers who take pride in offering you top-quality service. The key to our service is patience. We don’t just come and try to finish the work quickly and leave.

Our strategy for wildlife removal includes following a pattern in a way that proves most effective. This not only allows us to complete our work  successfully but also minimizes the chances for error. Here’s our wildlife removal service procedure.

  • Site Evaluation

After you contact us, we are going to send a team of wildlife removal specialists to your location. They will then conduct a brief survey and analysis of the site to identify critters and get an understanding of rodent activity in and around your home. We will try to get a significant idea of how many animals are in your attic or home space so that we can know how to deal with them and give you an estimation of the budget and time we will need.

  • Setting Traps And Closing Entry Points

Our first step for wildlife removal is determining all the entry and exit points for these animals. It has to be the main step since this is where we control the further rodent activities in your home. Once we know these points we will seal all of them leaving just one from where we are going to lure them out. There we will set the trap so that they can’t escape yet again. 

  • Disinfecting and Sanitizing The Place

Wildlife in your Woodland Hills home isn’t just about the mess they create. They carry deadly diseases that can transmit to humans too. So to ensure that your kids and you are safe from them we will deep clean, disinfect, and sanitize the attic so that even the slightest traces of these diseases don’t exist in your house. We have proper tools for disinfecting and sanitizing that do the job effectively without taking too much time.

  • Post Clean Up

As we said earlier, we  don’t run off as soon as the work is done. We know how rodents can contaminate your Woodland Hills home and mess they create. That’s why after the main wildlife removal work is done we will clean the contaminated area and leave the place just as it was before we came in.

Why Hire Us For Woodland Hills Wildlife Removal Service Now?

Wildlife RemovalWhen you let any wildlife creature stay in your attic for long, you are inviting numerous health hazards in your house with open arms. Yes, you heard it right! The bat or the mouse in your attic could be carrying a disease that can affect your entire family’s health. And the more you wait, the more the chances of you catching these diseases increases.

Some of the common diseases that you can get from these animals are:

  • Birds can transmit bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases such as psittacosis and salmonellosis.
  • Rats and mice carry diseases such as bartonellosis, tularemia, and rat tapeworm.
  • Raccoons can transmit diseases like leptospirosis and giardiasis.

The diseases that are mentioned above are just a few of many types that you could get if you don’t take action against these wild animals in your attic.

Rodent Control Woodland Hills For Wildlife Removal Services

When we say we deal with the wildlife control problem for you, we mean that we ensure the convenience of both parties.

Our approach towards them is completely humane. We love and appreciate the wonders of wildlife just like anyone else. We will take them away from your place and free them somewhere in the wild where they can also easily survive.  Of course, that is if it is not dead animal removal.  Either way, call us today for a free inspection at 818-514-7403