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Squirrel Problem Signs in Woodland Hills, CA

Signs That You Have Squirrels In The House Or Attic

Squirrel Problem SignsSquirrels are one of the cutest and adorable animals. Usually, people think that squirrels running in the yard and climbing trees are harmless. The real problem is when they find their way into your house and roam around the house continuously for several months. Issues caused by squirrels can vary from physical damages to the introduction of diseases such as salmonella and Lyme. These are just a few issues that you can face when you do not handle the squirrels properly.

Our wildlife control team has worked with many homeowners in the Woodland Hills, area who have not realized the damage these cute animals have made to the property. The key thing you can do is to stay aware of the squirrel activity near the house. But note that you should not try to handle the squirrel infestation on your own since you can end up damaging the property while trying to removing the squirrels. You can leave the dealing to the professionals since they are experienced in handling squirrels.
How can you know that squirrels have entered the house?

Seeing the squirrels outside the house in the trees or on the utility lines is the first sign that you have a potential problem nearby.  Although this is a common sight in the Woodland Hills, area, you need to keep an eye out for the following signs which will help you know whether there is a squirrel infestation or not inside your home.

1. You hear strange noises in the house

Noticing the strange sounds in and around the house is the first way through which you can know that there are unwelcomed guests in your house. For squirrels the common sounds you can hear are:

  • Bunch of scampering and scurrying
  • Scratching and chewing

You can hear these sounds anywhere in the attic, on top of the chimney, or near the walls. Don’t ignore this sign since if undetected for a long time, it may cause severe damage to your property.

2. You see squirrel droppings here and there

Squirrel droppings difficult to be identified since they look similar to droppings of bats, rats, and raccoons. If you can find whether they are from squirrels then you can understand that there are squirrel infestation issues. You can see these droppings inside the house, garage, or attic.

It is important to understand that these wildlife droppings are dangerous since they contain bacteria. Instead of coming into contact with these droppings, just call our Woodland Hills,  rodent control specialists to inspect the house and remove the squirrels.

3. You find damages in the property

Most people don’t know that squirrels are capable of chewing any material like mice and raccoons. Some damages that are caused by the squirrels on your property are:

  • Chewed electric wires
  • Nests in the insulation
  • Air vent damage
  • Teeth marks in the walls, nearby trees, and wires
  • Scattered wood chips
  • Holes in the walls or shingles
  • Roofline damage
  • Ripped open garage bags
  • Scattered garage around the yard
  • Chewed furniture
  • Eaten garden plants
  • Chewed barks of the young tree

In the Woodland Hills, area, we have seen these as big clues to identify a squirrel infestation.

4. You smell a strange odor in the house

Sadly, when the squirrel tries to enter the small holes in the wall or attic, they may get stuck, struggle for a way out, and eventually die. That can lead to a pungent odor in the house. If you identify this smell, then the squirrel must be found immediately and removed to maintain a healthy environment.

5. You see the squirrel footprints

It is always pretty easy to find  footprints of squirrels, especially in the Woodland Hills, area. You can see them in the snow, deck, garage, attic, and garden. If you do so, then be aware that there is a potential problem and take the action to protect your property.

6. You notice water damage in the walls or ceilings

If you have seen any water damage to walls or ceilings,  it might be feces and urine production from the nearby squirrel population. If not repaired it may lead to stains, peeling, and bubbling in the walls.

7. You see increased squirrel population and fights

Seeing a greater number of squirrels in the neighborhood and your yard is a good indication that your Woodland Hills, home is at risk. Since squirrels reproduce quickly, a large number of squirrels will start fighting and damage the property.
What should you do when you notice squirrel infestation?

Since now you have understood the damages that the squirrel population can make, contact us immediately when you have identified the squirrel infestation in the Woodland Hills, area. We will take the necessary  steps around your house and keep them away from damaging your property.