Rodent Control Woodlandhills

Rodent Control Residential Services in Woodland Hills, CA

Rodent Control Residential ServicesOur residential services consist of single-family homes, multi-family homes, and apartment complexes in the Woodland Hills area that are  facing issues with wild animals making nests in their attics, homes, garages, destruction to your yard, and other places.

These places are often unchecked by the homeowners and need to be cleaned and decontaminated before it’s too late. The services include treatment and evaluation procedures, and long term application such as rodent proofing,

It is important to engage in animal removal services that include wildlife control, dead animal removal, animal relocation, animal trapping, damage repair, etc. Animals like mice, birds, skunks, rats, ants need to be handled effectively and safely.

You need to find a residential solution that can ensure the property is free of wildlife control problems while not go risking inhumane methods.  Below are a few things to consider in reaching out to us for help.

Animal Droppings

If you see animal droppings in your Woodland Hills, CA property, then the chances are that your property is infested by rodents and needs professional care. The animal droppings are mostly found in the kitchens, garages, attics, and some other nooks and creeks of your home.

If you have experienced these things, then we recommend you to seek help from our animal removal Woodland Hills area specialists at your place rather than taking the matter into your own hands. We will inspect the property safely and remove all the areas with animal droppings to eliminate any hazards.


When rodents like mice and rats reside in your Woodland Hills residential property, essentially they make their way into the kitchen first in search of water and food. This is why you find rats and mice droppings mostly in the kitchen areas.

You may also find these animals in the pantry, kitchen cabinets, and under the sink. So it is better to dispose of the nearby food products if rodent droppings are found near them as they may be contaminated. Rodent droppings cause e serious hazards and could turn out to be fatal for children’s health.


Usually, raccoons cause a lot of mess in the garages in the Woodland Hills area along with rats and mice. Finding animal droppings in garages is just like animal droppings in the kitchen as raccoons come in search of shelter and food. 

Some hidden areas in the garage where you will find rats, mice, and raccoons are corners, behind insulation, beside walls, garbage cans, and under the shelves. Contact our Woodland Hills animal removal specialists immediately for removal and elimination of any hazards that might cause health problems. They will help to identify the entry and exit point inside the garage, trap the animals and clean the droppings thoroughly.


If you have suspected the invasion of animals in the attic in your Woodland Hills home, then they may have come to make a home for themselves. They create a mess in the attics with droppings and urine which invites bacteria. Animals like birds, raccoons, squirrels, bats, and other rodents are the reason for insulation destruction, food contamination, chewing of wires, and droppings within attics. 

You may find their droppings in one particular area or just spread throughout the attic. However, it depends on the type of animal residing inside the attic. Raccoons for example choose a separate area especially for waste purposes and make nests on the opposite side.

It becomes even more frustrating if the droppings get soaked into the insulation which results in the destruction of the floor and increases the temperature. 

Hazards Caused By Animal Droppings

When there is a presence of droppings in your Woodland Hills,  home, it is very important to seek help from our rodent extermination professionals who will help to clean and decontaminate the entire area. Different animals release different droppings which lead to greater problems.

Racoon droppings contain parasites and roundworms. Rats and mice have been infected with diseases then their droppings contain Hantavirus. Bird and bats droppings cause harmful respiratory diseases like Histoplasmosis which is the result of breathing in spores.  

With all this information being given, it’s worth saying that it is better to call a Woodland Hills animal removal professional who will implement an effective cleanup process to keep your home and family safe. 

Animal Noises

Are you hearing scratching, squeaking, and hissing noises during the night and strange noises in your Woodland Hills , CA house? Chances are that your house has been invaded by bats, squirrels, birds, or raccoons. 

Many animals make their way into your house in search of food and shelter and ultimately get too comfortable. The most common of them all are rodents, birds, bats, squirrels, and raccoons.

Scratching Sounds From Bats

When  birds and bats enter your home through small cracks and holes, they get trapped inside the walls. They get disoriented and make annoying scratching and squeaking noises to get out of the walls. Bats in Woodland Hills , CA are nocturnal animals, so they make these noises mostly during the night. 

To stop their activity during the night, call our Woodland Hills bat control team to help you find all the places where scratching sounds are coming from and determine the right solution for their removal inhumane ways. 

Trapped Birds 

Birds enter your home to build a comfortable nest for their young ones. Sometimes they get too far into attics and homes. When they find no place to exit, they get terrified and make scratching and chirping noises. They claw and bump into their surroundings everywhere they go and flap their wings. This is mostly during the early hours of the morning when birds are in search of food. Therefore calling a professional Residential Service management team would be the best option for you since they know what they are doing. So we recommend you to call our rodent control specialists at 818-514-7403 and get all your problems solved.