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Although birds seem rather harmless, they can be a source of menace up close. Anyone who has seen ‘The Birds’ by Alfred Hitchcock knows how freaky it can be. Although that was a real story, birds can pose serious problems in close contact, even in real life. They can nest on nooks and crannies of the rooftop and make it untidy. If they enter human habitations such as grocery stores, they can pose a public health hazard.

Furthermore, bird droppings over vehicles parked in a garage can be a major nuisance. The constant garbling noise from pigeons is also considered a problem by many Woodland Hills homeowners. Considering all these issues, you should contact a professional service if they ever make their way into your home or attic. We provide expert bird removal services in Woodland Hills, CA. We are available any time of the year to deal with bird problems on or in your property.

Property Damage Caused by Birds in Woodland Hills

Birds are considered unwanted guests in a commercial property. They can affect the reputation of your business by making the place untidy. They let out feathers and droppings that can pose problems. Bird nests also consist of twigs that can make the property untidy. Besides, they are known to be aggressive during their nesting season. This may result in losing clients and customers. Bird droppings in warehouses can prove to be a nuisance. If you have a factory unit, a clueless bird may fly into the machines’ moving parts, causing a mess. It can also cause damage to the machinery. Therefore, bird control is not only important for humans but for the safety of birds themselves as well.

Birds can also dislodge roof tiles and cause property damage. Twigs carried by birds during nesting can block gutters and cause water damage to the property. A long-term deposit of bird dropping on metal can corrode it. Bird guano is highly toxic, and it can cause discoloration of the walls or ledges. Birds can make their nests in ventilation shafts causing damage to the HVAC systems. This is the reason why bird removal should be done as soon as possible.

Diseases Carried by Birds in Woodland Hills

Birds can carry ticks and mites on them, posing a health hazard to residents. These parasites thrive on birds, their droppings, and nesting materials in the Woodland Hills area. Here is a list of parasitic infections that can spread through birds. It can spread by direct contact and by airborne fungal spores. Food and water contamination also spread the diseases.

  • Psittacosis: 

    This disease is also known as pigeon fancier’s lung or ornithosis. It is caused by the inhalation of bacteria from dried droppings. It can also be caused by handling the feathers of infected pigeons. It is caused by a bacteria called Chlamydia. Psittacosis symptoms include muscle pain, fever, headache, chills, coughs, pneumonia, and breathing difficulty.
  • Fowl pest: 

    It is also called the Newcastle disease or the fowl plague. It is transmitted by exposure to the fecal matter of infected pigeons. It is an acute respiratory disease that also has neural symptoms such as depression and nervous manifestation.
  • Paratyphoid fever:

    It is caused by the bacteria salmonella found in pigeon droppings. Its symptoms include fever, headache, rashes, and weakness.
  • G.I. tract infection:

    The bacteria E. coli found in pigeon droppings can cause G.I. tract infection in humans. Symptoms include nausea and diarrhea.
  • Fungal infections:

    This includes Cryptococcosis and Histoplasmosis caused by fungi infesting bird droppings.

In addition to these diseases, bird droppings pose a slip and fall risk. They also pose fire hazards if the nesting of dry twigs happens to be near electrical fixtures.

Using the Latest Methods of Bird Control in the Woodland Hills area

The range of our services includes installing deterrents for birds in their roosting space. This safely removes the bird population from inhabiting your property. We advise Woodland Hills homeowners to undertake building repairs and build slopes in common bird roosting spaces in some situations. This prevents the winged creatures not to make footfalls on your property.

We are aware that birds can pose several problems. This is the reason why all our efforts are directed towards making the experience as stress-free as possible. We remove birds, usually by preventing them from choosing your home as their nesting place. If there is an existing nesting problem, which is common in the Woodland Hills area, we will dislodge the nests so that the birds do not continue to use your property. It is an extremely risky job because nests typically occur in difficult places lodged high in the property. It would risky if you tried to dislodge these nests yourself. Instead, you should call us to take care of it professionally.

  • Installation of Bird Spikes

The bird spikes are attached tightly between stainless steel pillars. The installation is commonly done on roof ledges which are usual roosting spots for birds. Setting up spikes can prevent the unsightly problem of bird dropping by preventing them from sitting on your property.

  • Installation of Netting

Netting installation can prevent bird roosting on a wide area such as a terrace, boat pier, or a courtyard. We can provide customized netting covering any area, no matter how big or how small. It prevents birds from using the terrace for roosting and find another place. It is also a humane method that does not cause any harm to the birds.

  • Other methods

In certain situations, we may have to use bird entrapment to prevent birds from nesting on your property. EPA registered products such as Avitrol and Ovocontrol can be used for bird control as well. Using aural (sound) harassment methods to prevent bird roosting has shown remarkable results. In some cases, pyrotechnics may be used to control birds.

Besides installing bird control measures, we also provide guano clean-up services. If your Woodland Hills property has a severe problem with a bird infestation, give us a call.  Our services include all kinds of bird removal solutions, be it residential or commercial. Our experts have trained with the latest methods of bird removal. We handle all kinds of birds. We strictly adhere to local, state, or federal laws on human-bird interaction.