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Attic Decontamination

Not everyone is fond of the Attic cleanup and decontamination and cleaning process after having animals in your attic. But, if you are in your Woodland Hills home, then you have to get your attic cleaned and maintained. Moreover, this should be done by a professional attic cleaning company at some point. Although it is a bit tempting and exhausting job, it is going to help you get rid of allergens, dust, and mold after a periodic Attic Decontamination. 

There are thousands of reasons to prioritize attic cleaning and maintenance without getting your hands dirty. The biggest reason is that it keeps the airborne germs and bacteria away from your home. This protects you from having adverse effects on your body.

During the Attic Decontamination process, in your Woodland Hills home,   you have to go through a deep cleaning process. Professional Cleanup and Attic Decontamination companies will thoroughly scrub with sponges, brushes, water, and other types of germ-killing chemicals. Dirt and dust that have been accumulating over the years will get removed after this process.

Dirt gets separated from the vapor after the evaporation process, which removes all the unwanted materials. These methods help in keeping your home neat and clean and save you both time and money. 

Here are some steps we follow to keep your house clean and safe from annoying wildlife creatures :

Holes, Leaks, and Creeks Sealing

Older homes are more likely to have leaks and creeks in the attic. During the summer season, moisture starts to form in these holes, which damages the framing and the underlayment of wood. Moreover, rodents easily get inside your home through these small holes while running across the power lines and tree branches. 

Thus, it is very important to keep your attic sealed throughout the year, especially during warm weather.

Attic Ventilation

Now, this method might contradict the advice given above, making attic vents are way more different than holes and leaks. Typically, wire mesh is used to prevent the rodents from entering through vents, and it can be controlled and maintained by installing an attic fan.

The Attic restoration professionals will not only ventilate the moist air coming into your attic but also make sure the installation of the HVAC system in your home. They will root the air ducts of the kitchen and bathroom completely outside.

During this Attic Decontamination process, residence owners must make sure of the cleanliness of the vents and the free airflow. As the trapped air causes condensation, let the air be able to flow inside the vents freely to keep them safe from mold growth.

Soffit vents get blocked from the rear due to insulation, so the baffles must be placed in the right place to keep them clean and clear. Cut the sheetings three inches short that are placed under the ridge vents for proper airflow. 

Birds and animal nests block the roof vents, so you need to keep a close eye on that, too, if necessary. Check out for the bath fans as the moist air gets trapped into the attic when trapped.

Woodland Hills homeowners must clean and inspect the attic annually. However, it’s not necessary when you reach out to your attic to retrieve your stored item during weekends or holidays. An attic is a place that usually gets ignored and needs the most attention for repairs, cleaning, and decontamination.

Rodent Removal

The droppings of the rodents contaminate the entire attic and sometimes get soaked into the wooden sheets. You can even find tiny ‘pellets’ of the droppings, which is a clear sign of the presence of mice, rats, and rodents. 

Rats, raccoons, squirrels, and other types of animals make their way into your house through nooks, creeks, eaves, gaps, loose boards, or pipes. So make sure to seal away all the holes in your house. Mice are very annoying creatures that enter through tiny holes by squeezing one-fourth of their total size. 

In addition to that, rodents are disease-carrying animals that can easily chew through wires, duct tapes, and pipes, which causes the loss of thousands of dollars of your Woodland Hills property. It is also estimated that every year, 15,000 to 25,000 fires in the residential areas are caused by rodents chewing through the electrical wires. 

These tragedies can be stopped by regular maintenance of the attic by the homeowners. Rodent contamination is among most of the most common causes of property damage. The excrement of the rodents creates many health concerns for the entire household. So, it is better to hire a professional Attic Decontamination service company in Woodland Hills, CA, even if you have managed to remove most of the rats by yourself.

If you don’t follow this method, then bacteria will start to fester, which will lead to unsanitary conditions and will also increase the temperature of the attic areas. This leads to uncomfortable situations and compromises energy systems. 

Attic Decontamination

The attic cleaning specialists sanitize the entire area with a hospital-grade disinfectant that helps in eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Once the rodents have been removed, exits and entrances sealed, contaminated insulation is done. The damaged insulation has a lower R-value, which makes the area less efficient in heat retention.

After insulation and decontamination, new insulation and padding material are applied to the vents.

While you are cleaning your attic for the removal of pests and rodents, you must make sure to regularly maintain your house. If not every week but at least once a year. If you start to notice that the air quality and the annoying growling and hissing noises are getting worse by each day, it’s time to make a move and get rid of them.